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Welcome to GuitarTrainer.in – A Website Where You Can Get Free Guitar Lessons.



This website offers you free guitar lessons and they are absolutely free. You may wish to take a look through the lessons provided. Guitar Playing, learning and teaching is a passion for me and I am sure that you will get benefit through these lessons which are the work of my efforts.

Its been a pleasure to me to bring you this website. I have seen people struggling to learn to play guitar in a systematic way. Usually and most often people take help from youtube where they get to learn from a variety of different trainers. Because of this, most of the time new learners missed important points as there is no defined way for learning. As a result, they end up confusing themselves.

I am sure that you are looking for some good lessons on guitar. I guess you have just realized that you have started developing passion for music and in turns you want to learn how to play guitar. But the very common problem that we often face is either we do not have much time to join a professional institute or its too costly to hire an individual trainer. Keeping this in mind I have got this website for you. You can learn guitar online for free  from basics and soon become an expert guitar player. I have realized that most of the lessons or website that are available online don’t offer a continuous lessons and that’s the reason most of the new guitar players who go online to learn it completely loose it and get all confused. These lessons will help you learn guitar the proper way . It not about learning some chords and remembering some songs but its about learning the technique so that you don’t have to remember the chords and leads of a song any more.  This website will give you enough knowledge that you will heard the song and start playing on the song on your guitar.

So, if you are ready to learn then explorer this website and its free lessons